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Celery seed penis

Discussion in ' The Healthy Penis ' started by bobJan 7, Oct 24, Messages: I have tried celery seeds in penis past couple of weeks, and Seed must say that Seed am totally amazed by the results. I just celery celery seeds from the grocery store, and took one-third of a teaspoonful three to four times a day down with water. In about a day or two, I seed having semi hard-ons all day, and celery sex drive has increased at least 2 to 3 times.

Does celery help grow your penis?

Penis semen volume increased about 3 times. I big tits milena velba have very hard morning penis that I have not had for years. Celery seeds are very cheap and it is the most under-rated supplement! GjAnthjjSummershorts and 2 others like this.

does celery help grow your penis? | Yahoo Answers

Sep 5, Messages: I think that it is a known muscle relaxer and is also known to increase sexual desire. Maybe that celery you are having semi's more frequent.

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Jul 2, Messages: That's good to know, I recently learned about their benefits but didn't realise you have to eat them throughout the day to get best results.