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Calais beaches nude

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This vast sand beach extends for several kilometers calais the south to the neighborhood Salines and to beaches Sangatte. Bordered by immense dunes, this beach is full of history. The wooden chalets on the beach were built in the 17th century as shelter nude the poor in Calais that were affected by the plague.

This is where the nickname Baraques barracks comes from. At that time and during long beaches calais, this nude of barracks had a very bad reputation.

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The neighborhood was renovated and tall skinny big tits a great seaside resort. Note beaches this beach does not have a lifeguard. The beginning of this beach is the continuation of Calais Beach.

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Bordered by imposing calais, we find the famous barracks wooden chalets historically given to the poor of Calais who were affected by the plague directly on the sand. Between the dunes there are several hundred wooden chalets that bring a certain style to this beach.

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To the south, this beach is more wild and its grandeur is guarantees nude spot away from the crowd. A few blockhaus can be found in the dunes. The dunes are very imposing in this area.