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Bullying chinese girl strip

By Sophie Williams For Mailonline.

China girl bully video strip

A shocking video has emerged online chinese a year-old schoolgirl being stripped and girl beaten by a gang of girls in Lingao, Hainan province. The viral video, thought to be filmed by a onlooker, boksburg gloryhole prompted a debate chinese about teen violence in China and whether or not the girl should have intervened. The bullies violently bullying the unnamed year-old in Hainan province.

The video shows the gang of girls, all of whom are unidentified, beating chinese strip teenager by violently kicking and slapping her.

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Strip then bullying to strip her of her clothes. The girl tries to run away along the rural road but the gang chased her and caught up with her.

Video shows Chinese girl stripped, slapped and kicked by a group of bullies

Then they bullying and slapped the lone victim again. As they beat her, a group nursing diagnosis for choking young girls in their school uniform appeared to stand and watch. Local police were then made aware strip the video and started investigating the case. The cause of the violence is currently unknown.

China girl bully video strip - VideoSexArchive

The girls slapped, kicked and stripped girl young girl while others filmed and watched. According to Chinese media, the incident was filmed by onlookers who chose to film rather than intervene. The video was uploaded online and quickly became viral.