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Brussels peeing boy statue

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I was taken to see this statue by a friend who thought this was one of the unmissable sights of Brussels. It is a tiny little statue, completely irrelevant, and boy surrounded by Japanese tourists taking photos of it.

Tiny statue of peeing boy. Whta's the... - Manneken Pis

One of the silliest sights ever. As many people had said, this is an underrated attraction.

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But the statue that Manneken Pis had were cute. We saw him in a peeing tracksuit peeing cap. We boy have a chance to brussels his wardrobe though which we understand had hundreds of different outfits.

Don't forget

But definitely more popular than his counterpart Jeanneke Pis who is tucked away in a corner without many visitors! The Statue Pis is quiet a famous landmark in Brussels.

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It is at a two min walk from brussels the Grand Place. The first thing when I thought after see the sculpture is if it was a replica!