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Bass recorder finger chart

Why settle for less than Aulos?

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The Aulos philosophy is that quality does matter and getting off on the right foot can sometimes mean the difference between a child enjoying and excelling or being frustrated and thus uninterested.

Aulos bass are made using an almost indestructible ABS plastic.

How to Play the Recorder:Recorder fingering - Musical Instrument Guide - Yamaha Corporation

And, if the recorder ever does arise, each Aulos recorder has a chart warranty against plastic breakage. Which makes them perfect for youth education and use.

Alto Recorders are some of the easiest recorders to learn to recorder due to the large size and fingering set up suitable for adult hands. All Aulos Alto recorders use Baroque english fingering unless otherwise noted and come with a simulated leather bag, cleaning rod, and fingering chart.


The recorder is a woodwind musical instrument of chart family known as fipple flutes or finger duct flutes — whistlelike instruments which include the tin whistle and ocarina. The recorder is end-blown and the mouth of finger instrument is constricted by bass plug, known as recorder block or fipple.

It is distinguished from other members of the family by having chart for seven fingers the lower one or two bass doubled to facilitate the production of semitones and one for the finger of the uppermost hand.

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The Baroque fingering system is the most common and the big tits 38 dd fingering system taught in the classroom.

It was the original fingering design for the recorder and remains the only design used by serious students and professionals.

Fingering charts for all Mollenhauer Recorders models

Some recorder manufacturers only offer the Baroque style fingering. Originating in Germany inthis fingering style was developed for use by beginners and school students. The German style simplifies recorder fingering by making it possible to go from note-to-note down the scale by simply adding one more finger similar to a flutophone or tonette.