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Baby choking on saliva reflux in infants

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LO is 6 weeks old. At almost 5 weeks he started waking up screaming and would be almost choking on his saliva. When we pick him up, there's some thick saliva that comes out. Most times, the saliva comes out and he falls back to sleep. We have done saline drops in his nose at night and tried a humidifier.

Spit-up, Choking, Gagging, Acid Reflux Issues

I will be calling the doctor again, but has this happened to anyone else? It is now every night and affecting everyone's sleep. My baby choked on phlegm at a few weeks old.

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Doctors said it was leftover amniotic fluid free redhead milf videos the womb that needed to come out. I wonder if it could be a little bit of spit up coming up into his throat.

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