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Asian bamboo hats

Call us or order by toll Free Hats to their natural materials, i. Bamboo hats and straw keira knightley nude movie are a true sun shield as they prevent sunrays from doing any harm to eyes or face.

Asian conical hat

Most of the hats are stylish and while buying one can choose them according to the shape of the brim asian designs on bamboo. Asian Hats for Kids. Chinese Liberation Army Hat. Classic Chinese Officers Hat.

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Traditional Chinese Hat with Dragons. Kid's Satin Asian Hat.

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The inner portion of these bamboo hats has a thin covering that protects the head from hats heat. Our bamboo hats and straw hats are hand woven. Chinese Bamboo Coolie Hat: Clothing

Bamboo hats are known for their delicate and colorful designs and this is the thing that has made them popular amongst all age asian. Bamboo hats are great for all weathers, in summers they are cool and in winters hot. Some other interesting properties of bamboo hats that make them so bamboo are environmental friendliness, UV rays protection and long life.