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Ashlee simpson nude fakes

January 15th, Some pathetic lowlifes with too much time on their hands are trying to make a quick buck off what they are saying is an Ashlee Simpson sex tape.

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But don't be fooled by the photos that are being spread around the web. The photos, and the sex tape if it actually exists, are fake. Ashlee web sites apparently selling the tape said it was stolen from Simpson's home in California. The sites say she recorded the tape with an ex-boyfriend before she was famous.

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Again, the information, photos, and video are all fake, sickos. Sex and death 101 songs did they choose Simpson to lie about?

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Well, that we can't explain. Simpson recently made news when she collapsed at a concert in Tokyo.

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Over New Year's, Simpson relaxed with her band in Maui. Fakes her father write this article? I swear they'll only stop being annoying when he dies. Nude Parent Thread Link.