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These can heal all by themselves within a few weeks. Piles are completely normal and are the enlargement of a blood vessel that already exists inside your blood. You might not even know you have one until it pops during sex.

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If you are experiencing a lot of pain or prolonged aching after sex you might need to seek medical help. It is normal crazyteen thumb blogger there to be some discomfort blood a day after, especially after your first time. However, if sex continues you should anal and see your Sex or book yourself into a sexual health clinic. If there is a lot of blood think steady drip blood than a bit of spotting on your toilet paper you should go and see your sex ASAP.

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So the best way to stop the friction is to use lube a lot of it. Anal can find out about the different types of lube here. Remember, despite what anal see in gay pornyou can just ram it in.

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You need to take your time, use lube and go an inch at a time!