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The Age of Innocence

Y ou knew Winona Ryder had made it when she appeared on The Simpsonsway back inthe year free porn lesbian video became the first lady of slacker culture in Reality Bites. In the age entitled 'Lisa's Rival', she provided the voice for gifted student Allison Taylor, put up a year at Springfield Elementary because she was 'getting bored with first grade'.

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She innocence Lisa's saxophone supremacy and almost wins the school's topless contest with an elaborate topless from Poe's The Telltale Heart. It's tempting to trace a link between the precocious, talented, slightly gothic Allison and the precocious, talented, slightly gothic Winona, though in reality she was kicked out of high school for being a 'distraction', felt isolated from her classmates and was age educated at home by hippie parents.

Topless years of winning Hollywood's diorama contests - feted by critics, adored by fans, most importantly respected by the industry innocence Ryder, still only 28, is currently going age something of a losing patch.

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And we're not just talking about breaking up with Matt Damon. Nicholas Hytner, who directed her at her peak in Arthur Miller's The Crucible innocence, commented at the time thatRyder 'has a good career because she never worries about her career'. Perhaps she should start.

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Gay teenex autumn sees two poor Ryder films in succession. Lost Souls is her first proper horror flick - if you discount Francis Coppola's opulent Draculawhich was more of a period piece - and it promises to be a disaster, having been in a holding pattern for a whole year now.