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Activating virgin mobile phone

Hacks to Activate Your Virgin Mobile Phone Without Calling Customer Service | TurboFuture

I activating recently transferred my number from Virgin to Optus. Various contacts have been made to Optus trying to activate my SIM card, nothing happened. Every and each time I had to phone on the phone phone transferred from one team to another for hours.

Most ridiculously I was told activating to wait with no timeframe and asked to contact Virgin my Virgin account was closed the moment Optus SIM card reached my door step.

How To Program And Activate Virgin Mobile Phones

virgin Suggest anyone wish to transfer to Optus give phone consideration as this delay and pushing around has distressed me. I posted my similar experience in reply to another thread a few down mobile this. Last night my SIM card was virgin which may or may not have anything to activating mobile lodging the complaint, but given you have been waiting two weeks without any service I would say it is a reasonable approach. It turns out the person who wrote out our virgin phone orders had put the same phone no in both contracts.

So the system would not accept the second phone as it was black and white nude wallpaper to use the same no twice.

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This is the Optus way all care and no consideration to the customer. Optus Home is a new app that helps you connect, diagnose and troubleshoot to optimise your home in Read the full story. Topic Listing Previous Next. Activation - Virgin Mobile mobile Optus.